Alpha Motor finally working on running Wolf prototypes

Alpha Motor impressed much of the car world a couple of years ago with its clean, vaguely retro-styled EVs. But then the company just kept releasing renderings of all sorts of different models. More and more, and there wasn’t much sign of actual running and driving vehicles. The company eventually showed a full-size design buck, but again, it didn’t seem to be anything more than a pretty model. But that may be changing now that Alpha has partnered with UHI Group, a prototyping and low-volume manufacturer.

UHI Group is based in Sterling Heights, Mich., and has been around since 1979. It has a variety of services including specialty manufacturing, engineering and testing for both automotive and aerospace industries. And among its customers is another EV start-up, Canoo, made clear by Canoo prototypes in some of the images on the company’s website. Put simply, UHI seems to be the real deal and a good sign for Alpha.

Alpha also announced that a running prototype of the Wolf pickup truck started construction back in December. The goal is to complete it for testing later this year. The company has also noted that the Wolf pickup line will be a priority for the company, rather than the Ace coupe and its derivatives.

Alpha Motor Wolf truck with frame

Alpha has shared some renderings showing off the underpinnings of its vehicles. They suggest a truck-like separate ladder frame to which the body is bolted. The batteries are placed between the frame rails, and in the case of the Wolf, Alpha is aiming for 83 kWh of capacity and a range between 250 and 275 miles. Motors making 201 horsepower apiece are planned, with a single rear motor option and a dual-motor option, for 402 horsepower. The renderings also suggest that the truck would have a solid rear axle and leaf springs, with independent coil-sprung front suspension.

We sincerely dig the looks of Alpha’s designs, and small, electric pickup trucks sound cool and potentially lucrative in this truck-crazy market. So we definitely would like to see these vehicles reach production. Naturally, we’ll be keeping an eye on developments.

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