What is the difference between fashion blogger and fashion influencer?

Fashion Blogger and Fashion Influencer: If you’ve ever wondered, what separates the blog from an influencer — is it just about how good a writer you are? Or does it have to do with where you want your audience to be? You decide! The distinctions between fashion influencers and fashion bloggers are as follows.

Bloggers are creators who curate content in order to share their knowledge with a wider audience. They also create new trends based on their own observations and insights. However, fashion bloggers often take things that they see and experience for themselves into consideration. While fashion influencers usually focus on product launches and trends, and can only follow any trend if it’s popular. This is because fashion-influenced products make up some of the most dominant influences on consumers. There’s also a lot more competition between fashion bloggers and fashion influencers. 

What Does Fashion Blogger Do?

The main role of a blogger is simply to ‘share their experiences and opinions with others. It may seem like this is not so much about writing but rather sharing their life to become an all-inclusive person. In other words, you’ll gain insight into others’ personal thoughts. As a blogger, this would mean you need to have strong social media platforms and a clear understanding of how to use them. For example, Instagram is one platform that bloggers need, while Youtube may be another way to market your brand. To build your brand online, you need to develop your skills on both major social media platforms. Moreover, your followers will come in useful to help expand your reach. They provide your business and resources on which to grow. Having strong social media platforms can help you to have many opportunities as well.

You need to know several important things before starting your blog. Firstly, have a strong understanding of SEO (search engine optimization). Search engine marketing works through Google to enhance the results of search queries. Therefore, SEO plays quite a vital role in driving organic traffic to your website. A high ranking on Google shows that people may start searching for your product or service when looking for relevant information.

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More importantly, Google is becoming increasingly important due to its global reach. As such, it should play a key role in growing your company. Secondly, having quality content. Content is incredibly effective, especially if done right. Creating compelling stories and finding interesting topics are two important factors of success in fashion blogging. Also, content is king. When creating great content is important, being able to get great at it is even more essential. Lastly, blogging platforms are extremely important. If you don’t want to go public by posting your story in the physical world then blogging is still the best option you can implement.

Fashion Influencer vs Fashion Blogger

Fashion influencer vs Fashion Blogger is a question that many people ask nowadays. Many brands are now targeting fashion bloggers as their next step towards brand recognition. After reading these posts, you may wonder whether there is really a difference between using this term or not. Some think that it’s almost similar; however, the truth isn’t that simple. Let us take a closer look at each platform first.

Fashion Influencer

Fashion influencer is another name for someone in a career that is involved in designing and building a niche within fashion. Their job is to influence the people around them and make them aware of possible trends that fit and resonate with them.

Their job includes designing different looks that are specific to their industry and working accordingly. Not only that but also promoting and selling them. Basically, they design clothes by following the latest trends in fashion and promoting them from store to customer.

Fashion Influencer

Fashion influencer has very little control over the product that they sell. Most times, a buyer pays for everything, such as the fabric, colors, etc. Fashion influencer is mostly concerned with their look and style. Since every single individual is different, their ideas may vary according to their preferences and personality. Furthermore, the thing they think is not always the same as the real thing. They make sure that the looks are unique and the sales are made after careful testing. At least, it gives you a feeling of confidence while shopping. Another factor is their ability to persuade your buyers and your customers that it’s worth the purchase.

Fashion Influencer vs Fashion Blogger Platforms

Fashion influencer vs Fashion Blogger is a difficult question to answer. Because of differences and similarities. One thing we know is that it is easier to find fashion bloggers than fashion influencers. From a small number to over 10,000, thousands, perhaps, it’s easy to locate a fashion blogger. This means that if you’re planning to start a fashion blog, it comes in handy for you. On the flip side, you need to know what sort of content you need to be writing. Once the content is created, it becomes an influential marketing tool for your brand. That’s why many companies hire the services of fashion bloggers as their digital campaign managers.

Fashion Blogger Vs Fashion Influencer

According to statistics, the number of fashion bloggers in the United States has grown immensely to 14,000 in 2018, reaching a total of 19,300 readers. It takes a vast amount of time and effort to get started as a fashion journalist. Even though the majority of bloggers are women. Yet, it isn’t that hard to reach men. It’s an art, and many people still believe that this is only a hobby. There are many ways to monetize your blog that aren’t so bad. Still, they lack professional advice on managing money. By making money with your articles, I see several methods and tips. Make sure to check out our complete guide on how to make money on a fashion blog later, if you’re confused about earning extra cash.

Fashion Influencer vs Fashion Blogger

There are many significant differences between Fashion Blogger and Fashion Influencer. Although the roles and responsibilities are somehow similar, you’ll find a lot more differences than similarities. Hence, choosing my favorite one would be hard.

Fashion Blogger

A Fashion Blogger is a freelance author whose primary goal is to write blog posts for her readership. Instead of telling something about herself and the past. She uses her stories or images to tell her readers how they can look like models or influencers. Her primary purpose is to help other consumers through inspiration, motivation, and education. Her job is to give people information about new developments in fashion and show the progress. Moreover, she may encourage those with no technical knowledge to start learning. An example could be that some designers use certain tools to design a dress, whereas others do it with Photoshop. Every designer has his/her own approach and method to making the perfect dress. Thus, the blog helps to keep the reader updated on it.

Fashion influencer vs Fashion Blogger

According to studies, fashion bloggers have higher rates of depression and are extremely susceptible to obesity in comparison to fashion influencers. Nowadays, most fashion bloggers tend to promote fitness and healthy diets and they also tend to highlight the importance of self-love and acceptance. Such types of topics help to improve mental health and encourage readers to embrace their inner selves. We also believe that fashion bloggers are much better at motivating their readers on their journey. Especially when it comes to women. Hence, they are better at getting their clients excited about the future.

When you’ve decided which one you want to start, it becomes easy to choose a direction. According to my opinion, it’s always a good idea to think outside your box. However, one can try a bit and stay with one that suits him/her.

How Do I Start Blogging?

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