Billing Software for Small Business

Billing Software for Small Business

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The pricing you see for Azure Express Billing must be used on your machine! When paying by the hour, be wary of bills listing the fee on the server so you can really analyse your data.

Even if you pass around charging objects, we only want to show them when shown for billing. If you’re showing billing objects from the server, we cannot use those with Azure Express Billing.

Our eCommerce using Azure Express Billing? Enjoy a 1-year $0.25 discount!

$0.25 discount = $2.00

We want this Savings to be used on your server if your billing is processed by Azure Express Billing. But you may still want to ask for the price for that because you might want it to be discounted even more.

Feature selection process

Here are some names of products on Marketplace:

Anybody has a catalog of the variety of goods in that store. In order to show those products to you, you will need a vendor profile. The selection, so much personalised and personalised, that you will be surprised to find out how serious your vendor is about their application. Therefore, the vendor profile is going to be your asset for Azure Express Billing!

The relationship between billing with inbound payments through Service Delivery Management will also impact on the products that are paying for these billing templates.

Determine your providers’ service objectives

I would point to the data itself: here we are, in 2019! We are a small eCommerce, so we have a more automated or case-based way of billing, rather than data tracking. We also have data from the web services, so more data. The fact that Azure Express Billing includes these multiple services-specific features is an advantage for the small business owners.

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Plan design

The billing system and data-processing of suppliers’ products


In this design, I try to point to what is good about this as it is a downside of this system: although all the system consumes the devices running Azure Express Billing, yet still is scalable and supportable.

Import and Produce data

A first topic I usually discuss with my consulting group: the difficulty of understanding what happens with the data collected by any of these systems. In this situation, the only capability that Azure Express Billing customers have is that most applications create information on their data and then this data is saved by Azure Express Billing.

Ensure the fidelity of the data stored

One of the advantages of the system is its ability to capture communication between devices. The acting of this information, therefore, becomes relatively easy for clients: this data will always reflect the true details of the data recorded by the clients.

Integrate with other systems

All the information is stored in the data-processing of Microsoft platform (thereby means that the Microsoft versions of other products have read-only capabilities) and therefore is able to integrate with the applications created by other Microsoft products.

Design a dashboard for the data

My team usually employs these three types of dashboard:

A dashboard of every service, giving customers an overview of how their data fits into the graph.

A dashboard displaying the reported numbers on the two services, showing how they compare in terms of accuracy, efficiency, speed, security etc.

A dashboard showing the collected data, which is the one used in billing.

What is digital finance and banking?

Data collection data for billing process (target services and the extent of their interactions)

data to evaluate each service

User data for billing and data processing system

Imagine you understand that your reporting is a bit faulty in that specific service for calculating performance, billing process, etc. You’ll be curious how effective your billing service is on performing data processing of other products, so do a dash of the dashboard to see if your data is perfectly correct.

My experienced sales team get really excited about these types of dashboards, as they show a sense of ownership for their customers and gives them the feeling that they are using their own data analysis. The truth is that despite the impact that dashboards have on the customers, they are even more instrumental for Microsoft developers!

I hope this info will be of some help. To get more insight into the ideas I was able to bring to life:

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