Google’s new HD Maps to launch with Volvo EX90

Volvo and sister company Polestar will be partners in launching Google’s new HD Maps service — an integrated solution designed specifically for automotive applications that pulls realtime data to improve vehicle navigation. The new tech will launch in Volvo’s all-electric EX90 and the Polestar 3.

HD Maps will integrate sensor data with real-time traffic information to better enhance route planning and will talk to the onboard Pilot Assist semi-autonomous suite to provide highly accurate information about the vehicle and its surroundings. Volvo says the new suite will be available on models equipped with its Pilot Assist system.

“The addition of Google HD Maps in our future car lineup marks an expansion of our strategic collaboration with Google, reflecting our commitment to work with technology leaders,” says COO and Deputy CEO Javier Varela. “Implementing Google HD Maps in our upcoming cars will help us offer our drivers a more enjoyable driving experience and in future contribute to the introduction of safe autonomous driving.”

“Building on our long history of mapping the world, Google’s new HD map is designed specifically for automakers and provides comprehensive lane-level and localization data that is crucial to powering the next generation of assisted and autonomous driving systems,” says Jorgen Behrens, VP and general manager of Geo Automotive, Google. “We’re excited to continue partnering with leading automakers like Volvo Cars to improve the safety and comfort of drivers everywhere.”

Volvo’s existing relationship with Google brought us the Android Automotive operating system (not to be confused with Android Auto, the app) currently rolling out across the brand’s lineup. In fact, the two companies announced that the latest over-the-air update the company will deploy includes Google Assistant updates. It is expected to reach 350,000 customers worldwide. 

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