Honda is building an 800-horsepower CR-V Hybrid racecar

Honda engineers from Honda Performance Development are working on a rather maniacal project. The pictures you’re looking at above are of an 800-horsepower Honda CR-V Hybrid racecar. Yes, we’re talking about 800 horsepower being shoved into a Honda CR-V.

From the few teaser photos Honda has for us today, it looks like there’s very little left of this racecar that’s actually from a production CR-V Hybrid. The rear taillights, front headlights and front grille all look pulled from the road car, but everything else looks bespoke. Wild aero is the name of the game, as this CR-V looks like it will be seriously stuck to the ground with the giant wings and body kit.

We can’t say precisely what’s under the hood, but since it’s a CR-V Hybrid, an educated guess would suggest a boosted engine paired with multiple electric motors to combine for the 800 horsepower Honda is bragging about. The SUV is being developed at the Auto Development Center by Honda Performance Development engineers. Design is being handled by the North American design division, and the final product is set to be revealed on February 28.

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