All Documents uploaded pdf file and jpeg file as criteria.
Grant for marriage
Application Form for Grant of Grants
everything is yours
In internet browser www. By typing
• Grants for marriage
On Application for Grant-in-Aid Grant
• All the entries will be filled in English language.
• in the application form) all from the application
The details of the applicant while filling the details 5 on the given portal
Photo , Signature 9th/Thumb impression Identification photo , Photocopy of passbook , Marriage
Proof of income
Certificate as in family
Family3b Registered with a valid shade/characteristic H9a F card)
I want to mark you
Be sure to upload.
• Photo of the transferred beneficiary M and Signature/Thumb impression only Jpeg file which is more than 20 KB
If no, then J will be uploaded.
• Identity Card, Back Pass Book, Income Certificate, Caste Certificate, Marriage 2 Certificate only pdf file
Which is not more than 40 kb N will be uploaded.
• By filling the application form of the applicant, as follows, by filling the 2 Vt.H9
the final

Will be taken and attached with it with sufficient shade of 5 KA
Avaya: thirty business days after 7 days
Rate District Social Welfare Adhikari2 Office) Submit
A valid receipt will be obtained.
• The applicant should have 2 months only in the account of the National U2 authorized bank
This will be done by any District Co-Operation2 Bank.
The account will not be approved on the PFMS portal2 if the applicant is in T district
Co-operative 2 Bank accounts are given in this scheme.
Right2 will be denied by T7.
• In this scheme, age for the beneficiary5 beneficiary5.
Proof is not required2 Filling your registration number 3 of the beneficiaries of these scheme 5
is new
• In the scheme, preference will be given to widow and disabled pension beneficiaries.
• Application is acceptable only up to 7 days 90 7 days before or 90 7 days after marriage2.
• A copy of the family register / class 9th certificate.
Smoke Certificate / Voter
Identity Proof/Aadhaar Card A photo or proof of identity by JC
y is
• In case of non-availability of above mentioned certificates)
Receive [form] 0 by getting it done through Panchayat Adhikar 2 / Block Development Adhikari 2).

How to apply online ?
UP Marriage Grant Scheme 2021 Documents
Aadhar card
caste certificate
income certificate
applicant’s identity card
bank account
mobile number
marriage certificate
of the applicant passport size photo Uttar Pradesh University
1. Open Online Form
2. Apply Online
3. Choose Category: Gen/Obc/Sc/St/Minority
4. Select Date of Marrige First Main Point of form.
5. Select Choose file applicant and girl photo only jpege file.
6. Select your caste
7. Select choose Relation of Father/Mother/Guradian in Relation in Relation Box.
8. Enter Marrige Details in Marriage Box fill Marriage date and marriage joint name and address.
9. Enter Income Details should be income for Rural 46800/Rs. And Urban 56800/Rs. If less in income 46800-56800 between then apply shadi Anudan Yojana.
10. Choose your Bank Name
11. Choose Your Branch Name
12. Choose Your IFSC Code (find out in choose box) and can search your internet.
13. Enter Account No with 11 digit confirm enter carefully .
14. Save Your Application
15. And Go to Login Pannel
16. Then login your application and account number.
17. After seen carefully your application and total filled details in your application and account no, after clear final submit your application.
18. Take Printout and save your document.
19. After take prinout
20. Go to Your office if you domicile rural then Go to submit Block Devolpment Officer (BDO) and Seceretry Submit your document hard copy fully verify.
21. If you Domicile Urban then go to submit Sub District Magistrate (SDM) office submit your document hard copy fully verify.
22. BDO/SDM forwarded your document District Samaj Kalayan Vibagh .
23. Generate your bill.
24. Finally Transfer Fund with (IMPS) instant money transfer system send your account.

New Year's Day 2023 January ?

For Apply Online:

Check Status
How to creat Passward:
And Login
Official Website

3. To fill the online application form or:
i. Under the scheme, in collaboration with NIC by the Department of Social Welfare and Tribal Development
Developed software on eligible applicants by social welfare department from April 01, 2016
is going After the commencement of this process, it is mandatory for the beneficiary[y] to apply online.
Will happen.
ii. Applicant should submit his/her application form to Public Service Center (Common Service Center), District Social Welfare
Filled up by yourself on the authority’s office [office, cyber cafe, private internet or departmental website
can go.
iii To fill the application form online through Lokvani established by “Jan Suvidha Ke”.
In the event that the minimum fee prescribed by the District Magistrate to the applicant shall be the charge of public convenience.
will have to pay.
iv The full [responsibility] of the accuracy of the amount entered in the online application form will be that of the applicant. if
If any information has been entered wrongly by the applicant, then the application form is entered by the applicant.
Lastly, corrections can be done before submitting online on the portal.
v 90 days from the date of online application by the applicant under the grant scheme for marriage
It will be mandatory to do it before [and 90 days after].
vi) It is mandatory for the applicant to fill in all the columns of the prescribed application form at the time of application.
Will happen.
vii The application shall be accompanied by the applicant and the daughter of the applicant, whose date of marriage has been fixed.
Aadhar card [, income proof of applicant (if applicant is in BPL list, then related list)
(a) If the applicant is getting benefited under Social Center Pension Schemes
Details related to the certificate of being a pensioner along with the pensioner’s ID. Online Application Form
It will be mandatory to mark in the letter and submit it along with the photocopy of the attached copy. inappropriate
Candidates belonging to caste and scheduled tribe (as per requirement) will be issued by the Tehsil.
Filling up of Caste Certificate in Marks Application Form and attaching photocopy with hard copy
obligatory [will be. In case of grant for marriage of widow/disabled elder son under the scheme
There is a system to be given preference, therefore, the applicant will be given the details of the answer in the application form.
Certificate of death of husband in evidence with marking or incapable of being handicapped
It will be mandatory to attach the Disability Certificate and upload it online.
Compulsory to attach photocopy of passbook (with IFS code) to CBS bank account[
Will happen.
viii Bank account of the beneficiary through State Bank of India, Nationalized Bank or Reserve [Bank of India]
To be opened in such authorized banks which are under “core banking system”, having such IFS code
are eligible and registered on PFMS to directly credit to their account through e-payment
Money can be transferred.
ix After filling the online application form, the concerned service provider agency nominated for this work
The full information regarding the amount filled by the applicant will be read and narrated by the employee.
After his satisfaction, his application form will be submitted.
x Aadhar card mentioned in the point-up to the applicant while filling the online application form, Tehsil by
[Income Certificate/Income Certificate for the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes]

UP Scholarship Online Form 2022-23 | How to Fill UP Scholarship Form Online 2022-23 | 9-10 / 11-12

It is mandatory for me to upload the photocopy of caste certificate and bank passbook.
Will happen.
xi By downloading a copy of the online application form by the applicant concerned
Make all the necessary enclosures such as Aadhar Card [, Income Certificate, Caste by making the Signature / Signature Thumb
Certificate, Daughter’s Aadhar Card [, Certificate of having been married on the date of marriage, Widow/Disabled
In case you have a hard copy of the letter of the letter of the bank-account and the bank-account letter.
Grant for hard copy marriage by the applicant by attaching it with the signature/signal thumb
Application form related to District Social Welfare Adhikari Office [to apply online in the office?
Must be deposited within 30 days from the date and to be determined from the office concerned.
The “computer-generated” receipt will be received on the app.
xii Hard [copy of the application form filled online in the office of District Social Welfare Officer]
Samit is received with attached and such computer generated receipt is made available.
He/she will be given priority in the meme. Exampleèwp-if by someone else
Online application is done on 10th April and computer generated receipt date 09th
is received on May and online application by any other person on April 20
and the computer generated receipt is received on 25th April, then date 20
Preference will be given to the applicant applying online on April.
4. Responsibilities of District Social Welfare Rights/ Block Development Rights and Sub District Magistrates:
i Hard matching of the applicant’s data uploaded on the portal by the District Social Welfare Officer [-
The copy will be done and after matching, his application form will be sent online to the rural area.
On the login id of the concerned Block Development Authority and the city area
The date of registration of the application form of the applicant on the login id of the concerned Deputy Collector
and certificate regarding the age of the bride at the time of birth, widow/disabled male
Compulsory [:
It will be done.
ii. Online and in hard copy by the District Social Welfare Officer as mentioned in the application form.
Tehsil Sr.

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