HTML The HyperText Markup Language tags info

HTML Tags and their Functions

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the most basic full info given below

1. <HTML> All html code is written inside this tag. happens in this tag

2. <BODY> Any content to be displayed on the web page 3. <TITLE>- This tag is used to display any text in the title bar of the web browser. 4. <FRAME>- Used to divide the web browser window into several parts. is written.

5. <FORM> is used to create web form information g through web form

is sent to the web server. The name of the program is given in the action attribute of the form tag which will be executed on the server. GET or POST is used in the method attribute. 6. <P>- To make a paragraph

7. <BR>- To break the line

8. <HR>- To make Horizontal Line (Ruler) 9. <OL> to make Ordered list (Numbered list)

10. To create <UL> Unordered list (Bulleted list) 11. To create <DL>-Definition List

12. <SUP>- To create Super script 13.<SUB>- To create Sub script

14.<B> or <STRONG>- to make bold

15. <B>- To make Italic.

16.<U> To Under Line.

17.<HI>-<H6>- Tags from <HI> to <H6> are available to make the heading. 18. <FONT>- To change font face, size and color

19. <A>- Anchor Tag is used to create Hyper link. Information is linked using its HREF attribute.

-20. <PRE>- To show pre formatted text. web page as it is written

Will show

What is Internet how its works complete info

21. <SCRIPT>- This tag is used for scripting. 22. <IMG>- To display the image in the web page.

What is the e-mail? Complete Information

23. <!>- Comment Tag is used to write a comment. The comment web page is not shown.

24. <Input>- Text box, radio button, check button, hidden field etc. are made for web form using this tag.

25. <Select>- Using this tag we create List box for web form.

Concepts of Computer <Table>- Table is created using this tag. In this, row is created by <TR> tag and cells are created by “<TD> tag. In table 26, rows are merged by Rowspan attribute and columns by Colspan.

Types of Internet connectivity

The following types of connections are used to connect to the Internet.

Dial up connection – It is used to access the Internet alone in an individual or small organization. In this, the speed of 56 kbps is available through the telephone line. In this, the telephone number of the server given by the ISP is dialed and then there is connectivity to the server. ISP modem is used in this. 2. Broad band connection- When Internet connection is to be shared on LAN then

Computer Translator Programming System

This type of connection is taken. This type of connection allows more network traffic

Handles easily. In this way the connection speed is 256kbps. 3. VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)- It is an intelligent earth station which supports two way communication. It transfers data by connecting to satellite. In this, the speed of uplink (sending data from station to satellite) is 19.2 kbps while downlink (from satellite to station) speed is 512 kbps.

green screen effects download

4. ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network)- It is a digital phone service which

Processes sound data and controls it on a single phone line. In this also the modem’s

is required. The rate of data transfer on the ISDN line is 125 kbps.

5. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) – There is a type of DSL line in which

The downloading speed is higher than the uploading speed. 6. Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity)- It is also called wireless LAN. In this Internet connectivity is available within a few feet or meters. Wi-Fi through Laptops and modern mobile

is used.

Search Engine

Websites with the help of which information is searched on the Internet are called search engines. Some search engines are below








8-Web Crawler


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