Hyundai reimagines pixel art with Ioniq 6 design details

We’re pretty comfortable saying that the Hyundai Motor Group is the leader in automotive design right now. It’s been releasing varied and adventurous car designs left and right, with the Ioniq electric cars leading the charge (Sorry, not sorry – Hurd). The Ioniq 6 and Ioniq 5 present very different design ideas, and are also clearly related. And the attention to detail is remarkable. For instance, each one has little sets of either six or five squares in key places corresponding to the model, like in the charging doors, or the trunk release buttons. When walking around the Ioniq 6, then, we started noticing even more sets of six, and multiples of six. And we were wondering, just how deep does the rabbit hole go?

Well, it’s not bottomless. Sadly, we discovered on an Ioniq 6 that there are a number of square accents that are not multiples of six. For instance, the number of squares across the middle of the taillights is 100. The accents on the backs of the seats have 131 each. The little squares on the tops of the headlight units are 110 each. And before you bust out your calculator, none of those are perfectly divisible by six.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 turn signal and reverse light

But, there are still an amazing number of instances where Hyundai made sure the numbers added up. There are six squares on the ends of the turn signal repeaters on the mirrors. There are six squares at the front of the front bumper. The turn signals in the headlights each have 24 squares that illuminate, and then 36 square design accents above them. The rear turn signals and reverse lights in the bumper total 42 squares on each side. In the spoiler’s high mount brake light, there are 342 “pixels” when counting the slightly long ones at the leading edge. That’s six rows of 57 “pixels.”

Hyundai Ioniq 6 door handleHyundai Ioniq 6 door sill

When you grab the door, there are “pixels” on the inside of the grab handles; 30 of them. And then the side sills have squares made of 36 smaller squares.

It’s a remarkable and charming attention to detail, which is just more reason we feel the Hyundai brands are the car design leaders. Even if they could check their square counts even closer.

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