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GIF stands for graphics interchange format lt is another format that is widely used for picture displayed on the world wide web gif files have gif extension gif image format was created by compuserve to make it possible for images to be viewed while online gif file format supports only a miximum of 256 colours thus if colour depth is not important one can opt for gif files if you want to maintain the quality and colour of the images it is best to choose the jpeg format.


PICT format is widely used as an intermediary file format for transferring images between application it can include bit mapped or vector mapped images and can use different compression schemes PICT format supports tgb red gree blue grayscale and bitmap mode images it is specially effective for compressing images with large areas of solid colour when saving an tgb image in pict format you can choose either a 16 bit or 32 bit pixel resolution for a grayscale image you can choose from 2,4 or 8 bits per pixel.


PDF stands for moveable document format this format is meant by adobe it’s a file format that captures all the weather of a written document as associate bitmap this may then be viewed navigated written or forwarded to somebody else to look at and use these files you wish the athlete browseer package PDF files square measure helpful for documents like magazine articles product brochures etc during which you would like to preserve the looks of the document this is often as a result of PDF files square measure read solely and can’t be changed simply by the viewer

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Also known as auto CAD s Device independent binary plotter image graphics this is a vector format generated by the auto CAD corporation of USA auto CAD is a popular engineering drawing software package.
It is Adobe lllustrator’s metafile format Metafiles are files that may contain either bit mapped or vector graphics data.


DLG stands for digital line graph this is a vector format for storing geographical data such as mountain contours tec.


PNG stands for portable network graphics pronounced as ping it was created as a free of cost replacement for gif gif commercial software without paying license fees to the owners png handles 1 to 48 bit images and is a lossless more well on formate well compressed format like gif files however it is still pepole most use this not very popular format.
PS is adobe systems post script format postscript is not an image format but it is a page description ianguage originally conceived so that computers could send very accurate page descriptions to laser printers you can save black and white or even colour pictures as postscript however postscript file size is very large and therefore it is not a very
EPS stands for encapsulated postscript file format this is a format which can be include in other documents if your software supports it it is somewhat similar to the postscript format it has limited number of English fonts designed by adobe.
PSD is adobe Photoshop native format it format it stores all of its layers and selection and miscellaneous other image data in this format.
WMF stands for windows metafile format it is an intermediate vector format for windows programs to be use when interchanging data

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A frame is a segment of a movie which is used to represent a move the more the frames in a movie the longer the movie is we can add as many frames as we need increasing the frame rate speeds up the movie and smoothens the lowering down the frame rate slows down the movie and can cause the animation to appear jumpy.
Frame Buffer
Before an image can be displayed on the screen it must be created by a computer program in a special part of the computer memory called a frame buffer one method of producing an image.

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