Keyboard shortcuts list : Computer Keyboard Shortcuts Full Knowledge

Functions of some keys of keyboard

Keyboard shortcuts list which daily use your life computer Keyboard shortcuts list you know keyboard shortcut keys

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(1) Spacebar is the largest key of the keyboard, with the help of which space is given between the words.


(2) Tab key- pressing once, the cursor 8 space (or the specified distance) jumps forward.

keyboard shortcut keys

(3) Shift key-Upper Case letter at Lower case letterà Changes an Lower case letter to Uppe Case letter. (4) Caps lock key- If all the letters to be written are to be written in UPPER CASE then caps loss

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Lets turn the key on.


(5) Enter key – when typing enter, the cursor is at the beginning of the line one line below.


goes. It is also used keyboard shortcut keys while giving orders.


(6) Back space key deletes the character to the left of the cursor.


(7) Del key- brings the character to the right of Cursor (8) Home Cursor to the beginning of the line.


(9) End key brings the cursor to the end of the line. (10) Page Up key – scrolls up a page.


(11) Page Down key – Scrolls down a page.


(12) Esc – Used to end an action.


(13) F1 to F2 Function keys – their function is different in different applications FIFE

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The function of the following is in most applications


The function of F1 is to provide help


F2- To make changes.


(14) Ctrl & Alt keys – Using them with keyboard shortcut keys other keys the shortcut key is formed. (15) Num lock – When this key is on, the numeric keypad starts working.


(16) When the Insert key is on, the letter written is inserted in place of the cursor. And in being off (over type mode) the letters are written by replacing them.


(17) Print screen – On pressing this key, the desktop screen is copied to clip boa as a picture. Which can then be pasted in ms-paint or ms-word. (18) Cursor movement keys With the help of these keys the cursor is moved.


The mouse Cursor move up online around with your movements.

The cursor moves up one line. The cursor moves down one line.



Desktop:  Windows Oprating system after computer boot screen view its Desktop. Desktop Elements given bellows:


Task Bar : Desktop bellow blur colour left side area start baton which many application taskbar icon view.


Start Botton: This Botton main door of home start botton which use always primary.


Notification Area : Task bar right side area which some application icon example valume anitivirus lan and internet etc.

keyboard shortcut keys

M-s- Word  Shortcut Keys

Short Cut Key                                                                                    Purpose

Ctrl+F                                                                                    Find Dialog box

Ctrl+H                                                                                   Replace dialog box

Ctrl+G                                                                                   Go to Dialog Box

Ctrl+K                                                                                    Insert hyper links

Ctrl+f1                                                                                  Task pane

Ctrl+1                                                                                    Line Spacing

Ctrl+2                                                                                    Line Spacing 2 line

Ctrl+5                                                                                    Line Spacing 1.5 line

Ctrl+L                                                                                    Left Align

Ctrl+R                                                                                    Right align

Ctrl+E                                                                                    Center Align

Ctrl+J                                                                                     Justify

Ctrl+M                                                                                  Increase indent

Ctrl+shif+M                                                                        Decrease Indent

F7                                                                                           Spelling & Grammar checking

Shif+F7                                                                                 Thesaurus

Alt+F8                                                                                   Macros list

Ctrl+[                                                                                     Decrease font size by 1point

Ctrl+]                                                                                     Increase font size by1 point

Ctrl+Shif+>                                                                         increase font size by one Value

Ctrl+Shift+<                                                                        Decrease font size by one value

Ctrl+A                                                                                   Select all

Ctrl+shift+A                                                                        all caps

Ctrl+B                                                                                    Bold

Ctrl+U                                                                                   Underline

Ctrl+I                                                                                     Italic

Alt+shif+D                                                                           insert date

Ctrl+D                                                                                   Font Dialog

Ctrl+End                                                                               End of the Document

You know every keyboard shortcut keys very importants today we learn about keyboard shortcut keys.

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