The Mega Millions(r) continues to be supported by robust sales, and the jackpot for tonight's drawing is higher.

Excitement is growing as the price rises to $830 million, with a cash value of $487.9 million.

It will rank third among Mega Millions jackpots over the previous 20 years. the 23rd of October 2018

The biggest jackpot for the Mega Million was $1.537 trillion.

The winning ticket was purchased in South Carolina.

This is still the biggest lottery prize ever won with just one ticket. One more Mega Millions prize

was won on January 22, 2021 by a team made up of four Michigan players. It is valued at $1.05 billion.

28 winning tickets for the jackpot's various levels have been sold, including 33.

that have been awarded in 28 draws since April 15 and total more than $1 million.