What Common Multimedia Files and Formats Full Info

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Names of Common Multimedia File Formats

File format in computer science is the structure of a file that defines the way it is stored on the hard disk and laid out on the screen of in print the format can be fairly simple and common files stored stord as plain or it can be quite complex and may include various types of control instructions and codes used by programs and by printers and other devices Examples include by programs and by printers and the device s Examples include RTF rich text format DCA document content Architecture PICT DIF data interchange format DXF drawing Exchange format tiff tag image file format and epsf encapsulated postscript format

As with audio in the early days of the web adding movie video to a web page meant using one of the currently available movie video formats such as quick time or AVI audio video interleave and linking it to a for download

While downloading files from the web you the web you will many different types of file formats you can identify file type by looking a tits extension typically expressed as a dot followed by 2 to 4 letters you will need this to know whether it will work on your computer and whether you will need a particular type of software to decompress play or view it some of the movie video file formats are as follows

  • .avi: The standard movie format for windows
  • .mpg/mpeg: A standard movie format for saving movies on the internet using the MPEG motion picture Expert Group compression scheme.
  • .cov: The common format for quick time movies the Macintosh native movie platform.

  AVI File Format

Audio video Interleave AVI format is the standard windows format for audio video data this format exports a movie as a windows video but discards any Interactivity Because ACVI is a bitmap based format movies that contain long or high resolution animations can quickly become very large in a file size.

AVI is a good format for opening a flash animation in a video editing application.

Computer Translator Programming System

An AVI file is a sound and motion picture file that special player software that may be included with your web browser such as internet Explorer version 5.0 and above However some other browsers may require downloading of facilities for reading AVI files.

AVI is a raster based video format that will transfer nicely into a video editing application.

MPEG File Format

MPEG is the acronym for motion picture expert group a committee that developed the MPEG rules cover both encoding for storage on disk and decoding for digital playback viewing and MP video on a microcomputer requires an MPEG decoder which can be hardware software of a combination of the two There are several MPEG audio video formats these are

  • MPEG1:   This format is normally used in digital cameras It is also the compression format used to create video CDs. MP3 of audio format is a part of the formate mp 3 of MPEG1 code.
  • MPEG2:   MPEG2 video compression is used to deliver high quality pictures in DVD movies and home recorded DVD disks.
  • MPEG4: This newer very flexible MPEG code is used for both streaming and downloading Web content and is also the video format employed by a growing number or portable video recorders.

SWF File Format

More and of high quality making them ideal for web use the SWF file format was designed as a very efficient delivery format and not as a format for exchanging graphics ,graphics editors, it was designed to meet the following goals.

  • On screen display the format is primarily intended for on screen display therefore it supports anti aliasing fast to a bitmap of any colours format animation and interactive buttons,
  • Network delivery the files can be delivered over a net work with limited bandwidth the files are compressed to be small in size and support incremental rendering through streaming.
  • Simplicity the format is so simple that the user hs to depend upon only a very limited set of operating system functionalities.
  • File Independence file can be displayed without any dependence on external resources such as fonts.
  • Scalability different computers have different monitor resolutions and bit depths files work well on limited hard ware while taking advantage of more expensive hardware when it is available.
  • Speed The files are designed to be rendered very quickly with high quality fraphics.
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Flash (SWF (shockwave flash) files cannot be imported into core IDRAW you can however link embed export and publish Macromedia Flash files to the Web.

The SWF format for images on the Internet has several valuable advantages over other format types some of these include

  • Since it has good compression the web pages can be loaded fast
  • It can also support embedded forms script user interface components and XML extensible Markup language feeds
  • It allows vibrant animations and sounds in its presentation

MOV File Format

The Quick Time (MOV) file format is used for video and animation Quick time files run on all Macintosh computers and on windows based computers that have a Quick time driver installed It is a file format for storing and playing with sound Quick time files format for storing and playing back movies with sound Quick time files usually appear with the Move extension in Windows.

Mov  files are animation files that support 24-bit and 8-bit

DAT File Format

DAT Digital Audio tape file format is not a video file format but rather video data given an alternative extensinon DAT files confather video data given an alternative instance if you open a VCD video compact disk and take a look at its  contents you will notice that there are several folders and not one single mpg file the files have either a VCD of data extension the actual videos you burned are not the VCD files but the DAT files With VCD the video files are converted into dat files named  Open with to associate the DAT file with windows media player 7 and UP.

Sound File Format

Sound is stored in one of the two basic formats the first format stores sound in a form that resembles the original sound wave and is known as analog recording this format is called analog because the form of the sound wave called the the recording is analogous to the original waveform in other words the recorded waveform is a copy or the sound wove as a series of digital signals.

jpege pdf png tif ps psd adi file format

Image or Graphic File Formats

in this section we will introduce you to some of the more popular image formats,

You can check the graphic format of an image by looking at the suffix extension of the file name.


TIFF tag image file format is widely used for transferring bit map images between application programs TIFF images have tiff of tif extension it is used in desktop publishing faxing 3d application and medical imaging applications it is a file format designed by the Microsoft corporation of USA.


BMP bitmap format defines a display space and the colour for each pixel in the display space a bitmap does not require information for each pixel on every row l only needs to contain information when a colour changes along a row thus an image with solid colour will require a small bit map.

Because a bitmap uses a fixed of raster graphics method of specifying an image the image cannot be rescaled without creting a new definition.


JPEG joint photographic Experts Group format is one of the most common graphic file formats for wed application. the format was created by a group of photographic experts to store full colour spectrum continuous tone images jpeg images are of much higher fidelity as well as in higher compressed form than image of gif format however it takes a longer time to download graphic files that use jpeg format than those that use gif format.

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