What is Computer How its Works And its Parts


A computer is a very electronic devices machine who created by man.

Computer have a made a great/big impacts on our everyday life. Their presences is felt in almost every People aspect of life be it home, school, colleges, offices , industrys, hospitals, banks, retails stores, railways, researches and designs organizations, etc more places uses its.

A computers is basically and fully a programmable computing machine.

Earlier computers is basically a programmable computations. The were costly and hence only large organizations could afford them. Computers  even measure and can see view Monitor display physical and electrical quantities and  of computer monitor send photographs and many even fully electronically.

A computer can not only store and process data but also retrieve data i.e, gather data from its memory of storage as and when required. Computers are two basic types of computers, which include given below

  • Analog
  • Digital

Analog Computers

Analog computes handle or process information of a physical nature. For instance, temperature, pressure, etc. Computers are based on the measuring of analog and more or equivalent physicals values.

Digital Computers

Digital computers process information which is essentially in a binary or the state form, namely, zero and one. In computing terms, we mostly refer to the digital type of computers fall into different ranges called microcomputers, minicomputers, mainframes and supercomputers, which can be further classified in ascending orders of size computer small, medium, large and very large many other size also.


Computer are have the following some characteristics, depending on their type and How its use:

  • Fast speed of calculations and storing of information.
  • The ability to take in information and sore it for future use.
  • The ability to take a variety lf instructions for execution of tasks.
  • The ability to use simple logical rules to make decisions for their own internal control of for the control of some external activity.
  • The ability to communicate with other computer systems.
  • Tocarry out computations and analyse accurately and with speed.
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We shall further elaborate the characteristics specified in paragraphs (a),and (f) above.

Faster Calculation Speed and Information Storage

Thus, when we say that the speed of a computer is 10×10 6 instructions in one second and execte them accordingly. speed, it means that the frequency at which the pulses are generated and processed is equivalent to 133×106 per second

               Ability  to take Variety of Instructions

With the advances made in the field of computers, a programs cand be written by using a small set of instructions which can perform very complex manipulations. MS Excel has built-in –functions which can calculate standard deviation and variance on a set of data items. Such functions can take a ot of time when calculated manually However with a computer on can do all such calculations in a split of a second.

The accuracy also depends on the type of machine you employ For instance, a microcomputer may give accuracy of results up to 16 decimal places only whereas a minicomputer may give and accuracy pu to 321 decimal places.


The five Computer major of  functional units of a digitals of computer are

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Input units
  • Output units
  • Storage devices
  • Communication interface

The Computers CPU constitutes the mains memories, control unit and arithmetic logics unit. A blocks diagram of the basic of a computer organization a  is shown It depicts the five major building blocks, of functional units of a digital computers system These five units correspond to the five basic operations, namely, inputting , storing, processing Computers output and controlling many data, carried out by all computers of systems. The five units are explained in brief as given below.

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Inputting: Referel to the process of entering data into the computers with the helps of, an inputs computers many device, such as computer of a keyboard.

Storing: Referal to the storage of computer data and instructions in man storage of the computer’s mains memorys, for manipulations.

Processing: Refers to performing operations (both arithmetic and logical) of manipulation of data entered into the computer so that useful information may be gathered from the entered data.

Outputting: Refers to the process of showing the information or result to the use either on screen (monitor) of on paper (through printer).

Controlling: Refers to directing al the above processes, in coordination, This controlling is done by the Control Unit (CU) in a CPU

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