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What is Computer ?

Computer- is an electronic device that allows data through input devices from the user.
Receives instruction (command) and after processing provides information to the output device. also be said
• Mathematical and logical (logical) problems are solved by computer. • Data is meaningless and information is meaningful. Data collection of facts
• The work done by the processing computer is called processing.
• The origin of computer is from the word compute which means to calculate.
, Computer system is made up of three units- Hardware, Software and H ware (Live ware).
The code that operates the software hardware is called software. • Humanware The people working on the computer are called human ware.

There are three types of computers

(1) Analog Computer does not actually contain calculations, but calculations are done by rotating a track. The calculation is not accurate. Example pannier calipers, skuges, pretr
Old machines etc.
(2) Digital Computer- In this the calculation is actually done and it is accurate. For example Computer (3) Hybrid Computer- Half of this type of computer works in analog way
And half digital way e.g. weighing machine, ultrasound machine etc.
• Theres are fours(4) types of Digital Computers which parts of four given below
(1) Super Computer Computer with very high capacity in which more than one Processor, and Hard Disk are engaged. With the help of these satellites are operated,
The information is taken, the radar system is operated. near every country
There are super computers. Param is India’s first super computer.
(2) Main frame computer is a large organization with hundreds of users working together.
are used.
(3) Mini computer – In small organization, 10-20 users are used to work together.
(4) Micro Computer Short Parts of Call which micro. Only one person can work on this. Today, through networking, mini or mainframe computers are used by connecting many microcomputers together so that many users can work simultaneously and sharing data Desktop, Laptop, Palmtop etc. are examples of microcomputers.

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Characteristics of Computer

(1) Speed- The working speed of the computer is very fast. The computer performs its functions in Micro second (10″ second), Nano second (10″ second) and Pico second (10″ second). The processing speed of the computer is measured in Hz (Hz).
(2) Accuracy – Corrects computer calculations up to 32 and 64 digits of decimal. (3) Storage- Computer has immense capacity for storage, the units of computer storage are as follows.
0 and 1 are called bits.
= 1 Nibble
4 bit
= 1 Byte (that
8 bit (2 Nibble)
space in which a character is stored)
1024 Byte
= 1 Kilobyte (KB) = 1Megabyte (MB)
1024 Mb = 1 Gigabyte (GB)
1024 Gb
= 1 Terabyte (TB) 1024 TB = 1 Peta Byte (PB)

Sometimes 1000 is also used in place of 1024 to calculate the Meteor Thickness. Which means kilo.
(4) Versatility (Universality) Computers are used in different forms in different places.
(5) Diligence – Computer can work continuously 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. (6) Automatey- Once the command is given, the computer continues to work without stopping till the work is completed.
Doesn’t happen

Some Limitations of Computer

(1) No IQ computer does not have the power to understand its thinking. It can only do as much work as it has been told by the program in advance.
(2) NO Feeling- Like a human, it does not have the ability to feel. (3) Required AC- When the computer works, heat is released from it.
but wrong
may respond, the speed may be slow or it may stop. to cool it down
AC is required.
ti, Today Saturate Traction

What is Computer How its Works And its Parts

History and Generations of Computer

The development of computer is divided into five generations. these generations
in variou stechnology used
From the first generation to the fifth generation, the size and cost of computers decreased continuously.

Generation Duration Technology

First Generation computers
Second Generation computers
Third Generation computers
Integrated circuit (SSI and MSI)
Fourth Generation computers
Fifth Generation computers
1991 to present
Used to be very big. machine and assembly language was used.
Assembly 3 high level language was used.
IBM 1620 Mark-1
High level language was used.
High level language and 4GL used
Vacuum tube

Artificial Intelligence languages ​​LISP and Prolog are used.

, Charles Babbage Father of computer & Babbage created the computer named Difference Engine and Analytical Engine. Joseph jacquard invented the punch card.

• Abacus is a type of mechanical computer in which beads are attached to the spokes, with the help of which people in Egypt used to calculate. • Blasise Pascal Adding machine mechanical computer

• Howard Aiken created the first electromagnetic computer Mark-I.

The first programmer was Lady Ada Lovelace. The Computer Progagraming languages AD was names afters • Herman Hollirith invented the tabulating machine. This is what IBM

(International Business Machine) laid the foundation. • IC (Integrated Circuit)- It is a semiconductor chip which is made of silicon. There are many transistors in an IC. Depending on the number of transistors, ICs are of the following types

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