What is Internet how its works complete info


The Internet is a vast network that connects computers all over the worldHow internet works Computer  A network of networks is called Internet. It is a huge network in which the world.

Internet a  ARAPNET (Advance Research Project Agency Network) networks are connected, there is no owner of the Internet. occurred in. The Defense Agency of America developed it. It was built in 1969. Internet Client is based on Server Architecture.

Modem is used to access the Internet.

Intranet- A LAN in which Internet facilities are available is called Intranet. Intrase

Users can access LAN as well as Internet. Whereas Internet by Internet

cannot be accessed. • Extranet – The part of the intranet that can be accessed through the Internet is called Exane. IAB (Internet Architecture Board) – is an organization that establishes the standard for the Internet.


Makes rules.


  • IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) is an organization that manages the Internet protocola


Netiquette (Internet Etiquette) – Good behavior while accessing the Internet is called. Cyber ​​space- the electronic information presented through Intemet to Cyber

space is called.

  • ISP (Internet Service Provider) – ISP to the organization that provides Internet access

Is. Example- BSNL, Satyam, Airtel, Idea, Tata Docomo, Aircel etc.

  • E-commerce-Internet selling of purchasing is Ecommerce. The web sites with the help of which Ecommerce is done are called Virtual Shops. There are many types of ecommerce
  1. B2B- Business to Business 2. B2C-Business to Consumer
  2. C2B- Consumer to Business 4. C2C-Consumer to Consumer
  • There are various methods of payment for purchasing goods

1- Credit card 2- Debit Card

  • Purchasing through Ecommerce has the following advantages.

3-Cash on delivery

  1. Time saving.
  2. Saving money.
  3. Variety available.

E-Governance (Citizens) reaches the doorstep. Various certificates through this scheme, Nidas etc.

can be built. It has the following advantages

Transparency. To stop (corruption).

  1. Savings

E-Governance Low


G2G- Government to Government 2. G2C-Government to Citizen 3. G2E- Government to Employee

Selling-purchasing with the help of M-Commerce Mobile is called M-Commerce.

  • Those who do communication between computers: Some protocols are called Protocols.

Text Transfer Protocol) – Web server web pages are delivered to the client (browser).

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  • E-mail to E-mail server using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)


is delivered. • E-mail to mail server using POP (Post Office Protocol)


is delivered.


to the client


  • UUCP (Unix to Unix copy) – This protocol is used to transfer data between Unix systems.
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is done for transmission.


  • IMAP (Interactive Mail Protocol) is used so that the server can be accessed by any type of computer.


-MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) – multimedia content (sound, image or video file) is sent by attaching to mail. • The file is uploaded or downloaded through FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

  1. Sending files from computer to server computer. 2. Bringing files from the Download Server computer to the Client computer.


SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) – is used for Unix 4 serial transmission. • PPP (Point to Point Protocol) – This is the version of SLIP which is designed for more efficient dial up networking than SLIP.

  • Used by ISPs and to maintain TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) connections. It is reliable and connection oriented protocol. Forward the packet to another computer using IP (Internet Protocol). • ARP(Address Resolution Protocol)- IP Address(Logical address)

Hardware/Physical address (MAC address) fayfa 1 ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) – is used to send error handling after e message. • Telnet(telecommunication network)- network computer

The resources of the remote computer can be used.

  • UDP(User Datagram Protocol)- 48 Unreliable connectionless Protocol UD

A unit of data sent by it is called a datagram.

Internet Services

The following types of services are available on the Internet


  • E-mail, file transfer
  • Chat Service
  • Telnet/Remote Login • News group



The process of opening a web site through a web browser software is called Browsing Surfing.

  • Web site-freft web server web pages, called audio, video, pictures web s. Every web site has a name which is called domain name.

Hyperlink – The text or image present on a web page which is linked to some information is called hyperlink. On clicking through the mouse on the hyperlink, that information is reached.

Alt ssion By moving the mouse pointer over the hyperlink, the mouse pointer becomes of hand shape. There are three types of hyperlink.

Hyper text- A text that is linked to some information is called hyper text. Hyper text is blue and has an underline below it. + Hyper image-is.


What is Computer How To Computer Works Generation Computer


An image that is linked to some information is called a hyper image.

Tim Berners Lee created www.

 www is an interactive media for presenting information.

Web Server – A computer that is connected to the Internet for 24 hours and fulfills the request made by the web browser (client). Websites are stored on the web server. On running the software of a web server on a computer, it starts behaving like a server, the name of the web server used on the Windows operating system is IIS (Internet Information Server) Apache web server and PWS (Personal Web Server) also used windows is done with. Web pages are delivered from the web server to the client browser using the HTTP protocol.

  • URL (Uniform Resource Locator) – Every web page (information) present on the Internet has an address which is called URL. For example http://www.expertclasses.com/contents/result.asp
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Protocol is . 

www.expertclasses.com- Contents 

is the domain name. 


The name of the directory in which the web page is placed. Web page (file name).

Home page- The first web page that is opened on the web site. It is shown that this web site is called the home page. The home page is the largest and colorful page and has hyperlinks available to go to other web pages. The home page is similar to the index page of a magazine.

Domain name address- access to a computer present on a network in two ways

can be done.


 by 2- by domain name

Since an IP address is made up of numbers, it is difficult to remember it. So the domain name is used. Some examples of domain names are as follows– www.yahoo.com, www.mcu.ac.in, www.ignou.edu

dot() fat domain name abbreviation a top level domain ste

given in a manner 

On the nature of numbers such as .com commercial organization


Organization (NGO)

 -gov Government organization


educational organization 

.mil Military organization Networking organization 

.net –

 2- According to the geographical location of the organization like

in India


United States of America United Kingdom (England)



Japan • Domain Name Server (DNS) – server for website & domain name ap address store and they convert domain name to IP address. For example www.microsoft.com domain IP address 14 web brow


If I give www.microsoft.com, then its IP address is obtained through DNS. • Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is used to create web pages-fort web site pages web pages HTML document pages. There are two types of pages

1-Static web page

 2-Dynamic web page

Static web page- These are created by coding HTML in the form of ASCII text file. During surfing, these web pages are brought from the web server to the client computer and stored. These HTML files are also available off-line in a folder named Temporary Internet Files.

  • Dynamic web page- Basic, C# etc. of any language coding along with HTML in making it. 1-java script, vb script, perl, python, C, PHP, Java, Visu The following technology is used to create dynamic web pages –
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1-CGI (Common Gateway Interface) 2-ASP (Active Server Pages)

3-JSP (Java Server Pages)

Vishay Dynamic web pages are created at runtime when the code of these scripting languages ​​is executed. and are sent to the clienthrow. These web pages are not available at the office. If this comes then you can save them. For example, the result pages available through the Internet.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) – HTML is used to create web pages (HTML documents). HTML documents are created as an ASCII text file whose extension is hum or html. HTML language is not case sensitive i.e. does not understand the difference between lower case and upper case letters. HTML document is made up of different tags.

An HTML tag is written in <> less than greater than bracket (angle bracket).

Most tags are used in pairs while some alone. To specify the attribute with the tag, the attribute is used inside the tag. Several attributes are available with each tag. attributes are optional. A value is indicated with each attribute. for example

<Font Face Arial Black Size – 20 Color Blue >

Here <Font> is a tag Face, Size and Color its attributes. The value is given by applying equal to(=) with the attribute. If the value of an attribute contains a space, then that value is written in a single quotation mark. Such as ‘Arial Black’.

  • HTML document is made up of two sections – Head section and Body section. Head

The work of scripting is done in the section or the browser window is divided into many parts.

Whereas the content written in the body section is shown in the web page. • HTML documentary ang text editor de Notepad HTML designing tool

Like Front Page is used. • HTML designing tools- There are software through which the user can create web pages by designing similar to MS Word, despite not having knowledge of HTML. This software automatically generates its equivalent HTML code. Example- Front Page, Dream viewer, Adobe Page mill etc.

  • To write a comment in HTML <! comment text> is used. • Format HTML tags in your own way.



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