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Introduction of Internet & www Introduction of Internet & WWW

Information Technology tools and Network Basics

Introduction of Internet & www Introduction to Internet 

Many Devices linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies The Internet carries a vast range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertest documents and Apps of the World in Networks Wide Web (WWW),  and electronic mail, telephony and filesharing.

The Internet is an interconnected computer network that sums up the Internet (T/IP) to the world. Another is local electronics. NET&A&UU ELECTRONIC

Basics of Computer Networks – Basics of Computer Networks

Networking is a technique which is used to make personal computer to multi user behavior. Though the computers having single user multi tasking operating system or network operating system (NOS). By sharing resources and peripheral devices more than one user can work at a single resource device

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Major Operating

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Type of networking The network is divided on various grounds. There are mainly the following types of them divided on different basis. from them

Based on Transmission media: There are two types depending on the medium of data transmission – wired network and wireless network Wired (Twisted pair cable, coastal cables,

fiber optic cables) and Wireless (Radio, Microwave, Infrared, Satellite), two types based on data transmission and Pair and Based on Network size: These are thinly of three types depending on the network size. LAN



also of two types depending on the network s

method Peer-to-peer and Client/Server.

on management and

  • Based on Topology (connectivity) Bus Star, Ring Tree and Mesh. Burstar ring di and mine based on topo lock 6.2.1 Network Media (Transmission Media): Network Media (Transmission

This is the actual physical environment by which data travels from one computer to an connects network devices. The most basic hardware required for communication is through which data is transferred. There are several types of transmission media and the d the right media depends on many factors such as cost of transmission media, effiome transmission and the transfer rate. media

What is difference between LAN MAN and WAN? How its Works

It is the actual physical environment that travels from one computer to another and connects to it. The substrate required for communication is the media through which the data travels. Multiple types of transmission media and choice of the right media Depends on many factors Cost of transmission media Efficiency of data transmission and transfer rate

It can be divided into two main categories theses are:

  1. Guided: Wires Cables etc. 2. Unguided: Wireless Transmission, eg Radio, Microwave and Infrared Waves


 Guided Media-Guided Media

Twisted Pair Cables: A twisted pair consists of a pair of insulated conductors that an together. The advantages of a Twisted Pair cable over the two wire open lines are, it provides better resistance from false noise signals 0000 the noise

Twisted Pair Cable A twisted pair consists of a pair of insulated conductors connected to a sea

Twisted pair blanket has advantages over wire open lines. It responds better to false noise signals

Since both the wires are closed from each other. Both cause equal interference due to irrelevant signal sources and

Pairs minimizes the difference.

Coaxial Cables:

  Coaxial cable is a round shape cable in which there is a main conductor w

Inner conductor which is covered with thick plastic insulation of a solid plastic, it fins

Coaxial cable – is a round-shaped cable consisting of a main conductor wire called an inner duct, which is made of a thick section of solid plastic with foils over it and a metal wire mesh wrapped over them called the outer duct. The conductor is called and the top is made of plastic which provides protection to all of them.

Coaxial cable is mostly used in cable TV, it is also used in computer networks, but it is used very rarely in the computer network. Larger the cable diameter, lower is the true

Computer Input Devices Very Important

Shift Internet, Mobile technology internet net

as and higher transfer speeds can be achieved A co-Coaxsial cable can be used over a distance of 1 KM and can achieve a transfer ride of up to 100 MBP watt get

Introduction of Internet & www.1 Optic Cables:

 This carries signals in the forms of lactating fight in a glass or plat cable Introduction of Internet & www.1 Bolo j 237 more Optic Cables: This carries signals in the forms of lactating fight in a glass or plat cable the core and the cladding causes total internal reflection. The ag table contract de minimizing the loss of light from from technical  Unguided Media- Unguided Media Wireless Radio, Microwaves & Satellite Channels use electromagnetic broadcast in open space the advantages of these channels le in their capabilities to cover large geographical areas. It is est expensive than the wired installation. The differentiation between radio. Microwave & more  channels lie in the frequencies in which they operates Frequency below 1000 MIKZ ate radio frequencies & higher the Microwave frequencies Radio and channels use open. This even  women. MHZ

 Network Based on Size:

 There are kind of networks divided on the basis of size like a network within building or campus is known as Local Area Network and the network which serves the entire globe is known as Wide Area Network.

4 LAN Maintenance Job Local Area Network requires a LAN Administrator base problems such as software installations, program faults or hardware faire disturbances in Local Area Network A LAN Administrator is required to maintain the a John Area Animator key. Administrator is responsible for these problems. 5 Covers Limited Area: It covers small area like a single office, single building or s nearby buildings Ltd. has an office We do. 6.2.3 Metropolitan Area Network (MAN): Metropolitan Area Network A metropolitan area network (MAN) is a network that interconnects users with computer s in a geographic area or region larger than that covered by even a large local area network smaller than the area covered by a wide area network (WAN). Large universities also som the

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Integration (MAN)

is what it does to a LAN of computers in a geographic area, but there is only one. Do your network. There is a counterman corner. 6.23.1 Advantages and Disadvantages of MAN Advantages 1: Less Expensive- Less cost is less expensive to attach MAN with WAN Network. MA good efficiency cha come. To 2: Sending Local Email Sending Email You can send local emails fast and free on MAN On MAN and send for free. 3: High Speed than WAN- Chain to High Speed: The speed of data can easily reach 1000 Mbps an fiber optics Files and database transfer rates are fast. As soon as MAN is used the data speed can be easily 1000 Mbps. And it’s rude. 4] Sharing of the Internet MAN 62. The reach Fina this way, multiple war the v store You can share your internet connection to install MAN. Can get multiple-speed internet. 5. Conversion of LAN to MAN is Easy connect.

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