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Today We Learn About Most Important Multimedia is the use of a computer to present and combine text, graphics, audios, and videos with links and tools that let the users navigates, interact, create, and communicate of Multimedia.


Multimedia is an advanced technology the facilitates integration fo text, data image graphics, audio audio, video animation in digital form it provides new ways to enhance the delivery of information and its impact on the use multimedia is is information displayed in picture sound form and it does not include plain text exclusively thus it includes pictures graphics sound audio and movies video which are captured and digitized by input devices to get the information ready for manipulation by the computer.
Lets we make us imagine a lion hunting its prey quality and dimension a picture of a lion with a prey in its paws will reflect the mood a lot better than a hundred words a 30 second sound clip of the same lion killing its prey will have a better impact than many minutes of pure sound of the spectacle however when you put together all the above elements in one it is a good example of multimedia thus multimedia is a combination of various media like texts audio graphics, animation and video see figure.


Text is one of the important part of multimedia the design and content of multimedia texts such as newspaper as Newspaper tex and book text the extent to which texts are used in multimedia project mainly depends upon the subject or content it deals with since computers can display a variety of fonts colours and their combinations the ultimate result appears far better than the printed text

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Computer graphics deal with the generation representation manipulation and display of pictures with the help of a computer graphics is an important component of multimedias by which we can illustrate information in picture form for example to educate small chilclren with the help of multimedia we can make an illustration more descriptive with the help of pictures in a multimedia application meant for educating small children displaying the photograph of a horse along with its text description the photograph of a horse along with its tezt description makes the illustration much more effective.
Pictures photographic images and other artwork are called graphics

Graphic Types

The area of computer graphics that deals with this type of pictures is known as generative graphics this type of graphics is extensively used in creatin structures the greatest advantages of using cad and cam packages ofr such applications is that design changes can be quickly modified .
Images This is Graphics of called cognitive graphics cognitive graphics along with image processing techniques is extensively used ind applications that deal with recognition and classification of pictures for example a database containing images of people fingerprints is commonly used in criminal investigation and identification


Animation is one of the most dynamic forms of multimedia Unlike graphics animations can provide dynamic movements to the objects for example to show a bird flying in the air all that graphics can provide is a digital photograph of the same how ever with animation is created by recording a series of still images of drawings objects peple etc in various positions of incremental movement the animation when played does not appear as s but it combines to the illusion of unbroken notion.
Animation consist of a series of drawings or photographs on paper that are viewed with a mechanical device or by flipping is hand held sequence of images for example a pad of paper containing drawings of a boy raising his hands can be used to create drawings of a boy raising his hands can be used to animated drawing .

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Multimedia has an enormous impact on education many schools in our called a frame for a jerk free full motion video 25 to 30 frames have to be displayed per second It is an important component of multimedia because it is very useful for illustrating concepts that involve movement.

Multimedia Applications in Education

Multimedia has an enormous impact on education My schools in our country today use different tyes of computer based teaching software on multimedia in the near future handheld machines for the study of various subjects will emerge it is yet to be seen how and acceptable these machines will be as it will change the method of teaching and primary rules of schools and teachers However this technology will enable students to learn at their own pace in the present system it is necessary for students to cope up with the class this situation will change the quality of Similarly students in engineering colleges use interactive multimedia presentations to learn the basics of electronics, implement test and manipulate the circuit they design on a computer gclassroom multimedia known as the CBT to teach academic curriculum.
it is referred to as transmission this permits the pc to be used as associate degree diversion and academic tool besides simply a business tool.

Computer stores transmission data in an exceedingly type of commonplace formats we are able to show or play transmission data on output devices for instance to play a sound file we’d like speakers
There area unit 2 kinds of tricks these area unit
1 depiction
2 Images
depiction These area unit drawings and illustrations within the type of second 2 dimension and 3d 3 dimension photos exploitation mathematical illustration of easy objects like lines circles, arcs etc straightforward object sorts area unit wont to produce advanced objects for instance the image of a chair may be drawn exploitation lines and arcs.
necessar yill modification the standard of education may also be standardized and it’ll no additional be the perform of quality teaching that varies from one college to a different.

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