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Software (What is Software)

The code which is used to operate the computer and get the work done according to its requirement is called software.

  • • Program- A group of computer commands is called a program. • A group of programs is called software.

There are two types of software

(1) System Software- Computer operation, repair and construction are software.

(2) Application software which are made for specific tasks. These are also called packages

  • There are three types of system software

(1) Operating System


(2) Utility software


(3) Programming languages

Operating System The software that operates the computer is called the operating system (OS). Commands given to the operating system are called commait is said.

  • Operating system (1) I/O Management-Input Output device management.

(2) Memory Management- RAM management

(3) Process Management – The running program is represented by the process in the computer.

to manage them. (4) File and directory management-File at directory management

(5) User management- User create , delete it

(6) Command interpretation –

 Operating system for personal computer

(1) DOS

(2) For Windows personal computer

(3) Linux

for personal computer

For Mainframe and Mini computer

(4) Unix

(5) Macintosh

Apple computer ferry

Utility software- Contains software used in computer maintenance. Examples of some utility software are

(1) Scandisk / Check disk- Used to fix and fix Disk error.

(2) Disk Clean up- Temporary file delete

(3) Disk Defragmenter writes the pieces of the file together and writes them in one place.

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(4) System Restore- To bring the computer to the working condition up to the first date

is used. Wordpress, Blogging, Writing, Typing


(5) System information is used to obtain various information related to the system.

(6) Creates Tracks and Sectors in Format- Secondary storage device. After which the data can be stored in it.

(7) Fdisk-hard disk Logical Drive/Partition f (8) Antivirus- Viruses are eliminated from the computer by this. Is

Programming language-favor softwares are created by writing a programming languages ​​code.

There have been four generations in the development of programming languages.

(1) First generation language (Machine/ Binary language)

(2) Second generation language (Assembly language) (3) Third generation language (High level language)

(4) Fourth generation language (4GL/Interface designing tool)

Examples of high level language



Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Codecomal

  • COBOL – Common Business Oriented Language


  • Prolog

Formula Translation


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Programming in Logic (Artificial Intelligence &f) lik the Algorithmic Language

  • Algol List Processing pas
  • LISP
  • Binary language and Assembly language are collectively called Low Level Language.
  • Binary language is made up of 0 and 1. 1 means On and 0 means Off

Is. • Mnemonics- In Assembly language, English words like ADD SUB, MUL and DIV are used which are called Mnemonics.

  • In a high level language, the program is made up of a group of statements. One

The statement is written like a sentence in English. each statement separately

There is a format which is called Syntax.

  • 4GL (Fourth generation language) makes the front end (interface) of the software attractive in a short time. Nowadays software development is of the following types
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(1) Two Tier Architecture- In this the software is made up of two layers- Front end and Back end User interface is called Front end and back end is called the database in which the data store

(2) Three Tier Architecture- In this the software is made up of three layers. Front end, web service and back end thus Architecture is used in web application.

  • Algorithm- Steps taken to solve the problem are called Algorithm. The problem can be solved step by step. These steps are called Algorithm.

Graphical depiction of flow chart algorithm is called flow chart.

on is also used.

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