What is web browser and how it works complete info

web browser is application software for Web Browser accessing Web Browser the World Wide Web which web browser aces your net. And today we learn about History of Web Browsers clear cache and web browser and history

Web Browser

Web Browser – is a type of application software with the help of which a web site can be opened (explored. Web browser is a type of interpreter that translates HTML code. Web browsers are of two types Text browser and Graphical) browser.

Only text is displayed in the browser whereas multimedia content is displayed in the graphical browser.

is also shown. Examples of web browsers very important you known

1- Internet Explorer

 2- Netscape Navigator 

3- Mozilla firefox 


5- Lynx 

6- Google chorme is 

7-Opera browser.

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Internet Explorer

Mosaic is the first colourfull graphical web browser available for free for Windows.

Lynx is a text based web browser designed for Unix.

Important things related to web browser

Using the Home button, you are brought to the home page set in that web browser. • That web page is asked again from the server using the Refresh button (F5).

Favorite or bookmark is used to add a URL to the favorite list of the web browser so that it does not have to be written to use that URL in the future.

To save the image of a web page as a file, right click on the image.

On clicking the Stop button, the downloading of the web page stops

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Is. Up  F10  Insert Page

By clicking on the Back (+-) and Forward () buttons, the previous web page and on going back, the forward web page is shown again using the forward button. The source code of the web page is shown through the View > Source code option. Source

Code is called HTML code by which a web page is made.

View > History option shows the visited web page in days and weeks.

By default a history of 20 days is kept. In the web browser window, the color of hyperlinks is shown as blue, the color of visited links (links that have been clicked) is violet and the color of active links (on which links exist) is red.

The website name or URL is written in the address bar of the web browser. in the address bar

After typing the URL, click on the go button or press the enter key. History is cleared by the clear history button of Internet option. Placed in the temporary Internet file folder by the Delete file button of the Intermet option.

The files of the offline web page are removed.

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The home page for the web browser is set through the Internet option. In its address box, write that URL which will be loaded automatically when the web browser window is opened. Cookies are deleted by the delete cookies button of the Internet option.


Cookies ASCII text file web server are ASCII text files that are created by the web server on the client computer.

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It contains information related to login. They are used from one web page to another web page.

This is done at the time of redirect.


History has been store your every movement on internet page as all page store your web browser History save all pages you can reload and check any your last time visiting and every pages movement.

How to Check History And Cache How to sample of check history on your browser then follow given below

Press key   Ctrl+H  and show  All History your every page

History> Cache

Cache and history with allways show on tab.

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